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About Sophie

The passionate founder of Paws & Co, where her love for dogs, meets the convenience of Chorleywood High Street.

Sophie’s journey began with a profound admiration for our furry friends. Having grown up surrounded by dogs, she developed a deep understanding of their needs and a keen eye for their overall health and happiness. This led her to embark on a career dedicated to enhancing the lives of our four-legged friends. 

She observed the importance of a stress-free environment in fostering trust between groomer and dog, inspiring her to create a space where dogs not only receive top-notch grooming, but also feel safe and cherished.  

About Paws & Co

At Paws & Co, we believe in a bespoke approach to dog grooming, acknowledging the uniqueness of each furry companion. 


We invest time into understanding the particular needs, preferences, and personality of every dog, and then tailor our grooming services accordingly. 


We respect the individuality and dignity of each pet, recognising and appreciating the trust and loyalty they, and you, place in us.